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Proton Therapy Equipment Installation

Hitachi America brought in our team to install state-of-the-art proton therapy equipment into a new facility in Rochester, Minnesota. We were contracted to install the components supplied by Forte and Hitachi. The gantry work consisted of four treatment gantries that are 180 degree gantries with approximately 200,000 lbs. of steel per gantry, as well as the patient positioning devices servicing each of those gantries.  We also managed the installation of approximately 440,000 feet of electrical cable. Forte supplied a model of the installations for use during the development of the schedule and work packages. The model helped break down the installation piece by piece to gain tighter control on quality and efficiency. Lean scheduling techniques were utilized in developing a master schedule and then breaking it down into weekly plans. Work packages were developed from the model that corresponded to a daily task so each crew had all the appropriate paperwork, quality inspection requirements, hazard identification and tools listed out in the work package for that particular task providing for safe and efficient installation.