St. Jude Children's Hospital

Proton Therapy Equipment Installation

This project included the installation of two 180 degree gantries each weighing approximately 200,000 lbs., one fixed beam room, patient positioning devices and three cone beam computed tomography systems.  It also included the installation and alignment of the synchrotron, low energy beam transport equipment and high energy beam corridor.  Boldt also managed the installation of approximately 350,000 feet of electrical cable. This was the first project Hitachi utilized a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). We assisted Hitachi with developing an engineered rigging plan and worked together to develop an installation procedure for this equipment. The equipment was installed in a new facility with the building contractor completing interior build out simultaneously. The owner, building contractor, Hitachi and the install team all collaborated to ensure the success of the overall project. There was a limited staging area allowing for one truck at a time.  With this limitation, it was critical to receive the components in the sequence of installation. A staging area was established across the Mississippi River in West Memphis, Arkansas where trucks were held until they could be off-loaded.